How to Open Office 2007 files in Older Office versions

By Akbar

As the Office 2007 is growing and getting more popular, I get more and more files from the client and other colleagues in the new Office 2007 format. I still have Office 2003, yes that ancient one, and it was not able to read those files (not correct, read more). I had thought many time to do an upgrade, but then I start thinking about the time spent on juggling and learning new UI stuff (still learning on how to use the new IE 7.0 interface to do the tasks I was easily able to do it IE 6.0), I decided to hold back. I know that these new formats are simply compressed format, so changing the extension to zip, I was able to read/pick some of the content, but it’s not the way of living in professional style, correct?

I was having my colleagues and friends do the conversion of the new format to Office 2003 format for me. Today I got tired and finally searched the web for any online/offline converter to do the job. And the first search was amazing. Microsoft (thank you) have release a update pack for old Office versions which allow even those earlier Office versions to open and edit these new format files. YES 🙂

You can download it from here:
Good luck and now stop cursing the Microsoft for this new format.

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