TaskbarExt Utility Version 2.0 Launched

By Akbar
This version introduce many of the new and exciting features to help you easily manage your running applications. Here is a quick list of the new features in the version 2.0
  • Let’s you reorder the Taskbar groups similar to simple application buttons.
  • Custom grouping of the running applications in the Taskbar .
  • Easily hide all the icons on your desktop.
  • Set any Windows to the Top
  • Set the transparency level of any of the running window.
  • Minimize any Window to the System Tray
  • Hide (and of course unhide) any of the running Window.
  • Make your Taskbar transparent.
  • Auto run the application on Windows Start
The best thing is that it’s still Free and is also free of any Ads and Spywares. Go ahead, download it and give it a quick try:
TaskbarExt Version 2.0

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