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Archive for 2010

If you program Unicode applications using Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler, then you most probably use the TCHAR strings. While using TCHAR strings is very easy, one of the most common problem for me, after a years of ANSI string experience, is to find a correct C/C++ string function to do the same job as I […]

It’s common for Windows executable to get and process the additional parameters from the command line. This way you can pass any custom actions when launching an application i.e. open a particular file, print a file, control the application visibility state, etc. If you are working on C/C++ console application, then you can easily get […]

A popular adage is that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Same is true for the graphs/chart, which is a visualization of your raw data, and gives a bird-eye-view of your thousands of lines of data on a single screen. Basecamp is pouplar web-based Project Management solution. They have millions of hours of data, […]

Basecamp extension helps speed up the time entry for the previous dates. Thus if you are active guy who likes to post you time entries daily, and post them directly on the Basecamp, then this extension is of no use for you. There are plenty of other interesting Chrome extensions for you to try, or […]

If you frequently watch movies with the sub-titles, but have problem finding the sub-titles in your native language, then you can easily translate the existing/available sub-titles file to language of your choice. Dynamic Subtitle Translator is a web-application which translate the Subtitle from one language to other language. On the back end, it uses the […]