WordPress Blank Permalink Options Page

By Akbar

When I migrated my website to the new hosting service, on the blog end, all was working fine except the Permalink Options page in the WordPress admin was not displaying any content.

After trying multiple things and wasting time here and there, I found the solution as discussed in the following thread:

Basically, my problem was two folded. And here are the two thing which worked for me:

  1. Remove the “.htaccess” file from the blog home directory. After I did this, it started showing the Permalink heading and brief description, but there was still no option to view and set the Permalinks options.
  2. Next, I followed the instruction as posted by “zeniph” user and it worked well for me. Basically, looks like the new hosting service I’m using was using some configuration so that “apache_mod_loaded(‘mod_rewrite’, true);” call was always returning false. So I have to force set the value true here (as I know mod_rewrite is supported by current hosting service).

I hope this helps.

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