Basecamp Extension – Graph your time report

By Akbar

A popular adage is that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Same is true for the graphs/chart, which is a visualization of your raw data, and gives a bird-eye-view of your thousands of lines of data on a single screen.

Basecamp is pouplar web-based Project Management solution. They have millions of hours of data, and probably you are also one of the users whose company logs thousand of hours per month on the b Basecamp. But if you look at the time report, though it gives you couple of filtering options to filter data by client, project or person, but still all you get as summary is just the totals. If you want to get something more visual then you have to export the data, open in some external application (like MS Excel) and draw a char/graph on that data. It does the job, but isn’t this a hassle?

That’s where the Basecamp Extension comes to help. This extension works under Google Chrome, and gives you instant and on the fly charting tool to display a summary of your time report. Here is a sample chart showing last 7 days working hours of all the company persons:

And here is another sample chart, showing all the company clients hours grouped by the date (multi-series chart):

You also get support for different charts type like Area, Bar, Line, Pie, etc to help you visualize the data in the best way. Go ahead, give it a try (if you are a basecamp user) and share you feedback on:
Basecamp Extension Page

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