Basecamp Extension – Speed up Time Entry !

By Akbar

Basecamp extension helps speed up the time entry for the previous dates. Thus if you are active guy who likes to post you time entries daily, and post them directly on the Basecamp, then this extension is of no use for you. There are plenty of other interesting Chrome extensions for you to try, or you can browse the web, or you can read the book, or watch some movie, or whatever, do something useful than just continue reading this description.

Okay, so if you are still reading this, it means either you don’t have anything else to do, or you are lazy one like me, the developer of this extension, who logs his hours in notepad, and then posts the hours to Basecamp in one go after a week or some time after a month. If you do this, you know how tiring it is. When adding the back date entries, you have to change the date every time, calculate the time spent on each tasks and then post and verify after ever entry insert, that you got it right. If you share these feelings, then this extension is just the one you are looking far.

With this extension, you can set a default date which appears in all time entries, set the default person for whom you are adding these entries (your seniors or boss?), or auto calculate the time spent on the task from the pasted description (I love this one).

Tip: For this extension to parse and display the spent time from the task, you have to paste a description like this (usually from you text log file):
[Start-Time] [End-Time] Description
Here is a quick example:
11:30 11:55 Reading About Chrome Extensions
12:10 13:55 Developing Basecamp Chrome Extension

Your feedback is highly appreciated and is of great value. You can add you comments and feedback here.

Warning: This extension is highly addictive, and there are good chances that it will make you even more lazy. I have warned you, so if you still use it, I’m not liable for any damage or claims, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with this extension or use of it.

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