Unicode Programming In Microsoft Visual C/C++

By Akbar

If you program Unicode applications using Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler, then you most probably use the TCHAR strings. While using TCHAR strings is very easy, one of the most common problem for me, after a years of ANSI string experience, is to find a correct C/C++ string function to do the same job as I used to do for the ANSI string.

For example, for ANSI string, we use strlen, but for the TCHAR strings, it’s _tcsclen. Though these TCHAR strings functions use a specific naming convention, and one can easily figure out the corresponding function equivalent of ANSI function, but it does require a hit and try. When doing a search today on Google, I found a wonderful reference which I not only bookmarked, but I would like to share with others too. So, here it’s:

While we are discussing Unicode, here is another wonderful web resource regarding Internationalization and Localization:

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