GRE Flash Cards

By Akbar

I have been working on the GRE examp preparation for few months now, and one of the hardest part of all this preparation was toiling through more than 3700 words list and remembering their description and ideally an example on how to best use each word too.

Soon tired of looking through meaning of all these words online (you can’t sit in front of your computer all day), I decided to build my GRE Flash cards. While there are many online, pre-printed and printable solutions available (just try searching for the “GRE Flash Cards”), I was not able to find which matched my requirements perfectly.

When its come to already printed flash cards, I think one of the most reputed are the Barron’s New GRE Flash Cards, but unfortunately, these were not available in my locality. So tired of finding the correct option, and in true spirit of software developer, I decided to create my own. I got the words list from a friend which was in a simple text file. I loaded this into a new 4D Database, and then with just one or two hours of effort, I had  some nice and simple flash cards which can be printed on the A4 page. There were actually two reports, one had only the Words (front of a page), and the other had the corresponding definitions (back of the flash card). So these two can be printed on front and back of A4 page so that you can flip the card in hand to quickly look for its definition.

These printed flash cards have helped me a lot in my preparation, so I thought to share these with you all too. Here is how these two reports looks like:

Words Definition with Examples

And you can download these two PDF files (word and definition) from following links:

Words List (PDF)
Definition List (PDF)

I hope you find these handy.

PS: I also ended up creating a simple GRE Vocabulary application which has built in quizzes and study screens. Unfortunately, I can’t make an executable of this, so this requires 4D Standalone Application. If any of you are interested in that, please let me know and I can then upload it some where too.

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