Captain Jack Sparrow Compass

By Akbar

I will soon be publishing my new Android Application called “Jack Sparrow Compass” which is inspired by legendary Jack Sparrow Compass. The following dialog from the movie Pirates of Caribbean best describe this:

“My compass…is unique.”
“Unique here having the meaning of broken?”
“True enough, this compass does not point north.”
“…Where does it point?”
“It points to the thing you want most in this world”
– Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann

This compass is unique because it too doesn’t points to the North (it can optionally do this too), but instead it points to wherever you want to go. Plus it also shows the distance to the target location and also your movement speed. If that’s not enough, it also shows the magnetic fields around your device so you not only can detect the metals, but can also detect ghost and spirits (at least in theory).

Jack Sparrow Compass

Here are some prominent features of this application:

  • Allows you to store unlimited visited locations.
  • At any time, get the distance, direction and route (using Google Maps) to any of stored locations.
  • Detect and show the ambient magnetic field.
  • Detect your current locations using various options like GPS, Wireless LAN, and/or from nearest cell tower.

Here are some of the application snapshots:

Jack Sparrow Compass - Home Screen Add New Location Add New Location

Jack Sparrow fans, stay tuned for updates and application download link.

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