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When working on a .Net project (in Frame 2.0), I was having a hard time connecting with the local secure server using the self signed SSL certificate. When connecting to that server using the HttpWebRequest object, it was throwing the following error: “The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure” Looking for the […]

As I mentioned in my other post, Comments outside the WordPress, I’m using WordPress for the Bloging on my website and so far quite happy with its feature and performance. However, rest of my site is based on Dreamweaver site templates, and is static HTML for most of the part. Today I decided to show […]

I have been using the Google AdSense on my blog for few days now. There are multiple options for showing the Ads in the WordPress. The simplest of them is through WordPress plug-ins. There are many free plug-ins available for WordPress, and some of them are quite powerful and easy to use. But I decided […]

I was working on Android demo application I downloaded from the web, and instead of creating new Project for this, I simply imported it (using File -> Import -> General -> Existing Project into Workspace). While the project was imported successfully, I was having this weird error: Project has no default.properties file! Edit the project […]

When working on a new Android Project today in Eclipse, I was having an issue which was related to the ATD version. Being a newbie in the Android Development, I had problem even finding this basic version number. However, after some exploring of the Eclipse, I found it. So, here are the steps: 1. In […]