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Yesterday was a good day for me. My USB Disk Manager product finally appeared in the CNet reviews, and was listed on the CNet home page for around 5 hours. It’s still on the first page of CNet How to page, and I hope that it will be there for few more days. This is […]

Recently, I have been working on a simple idea, and that’s to show the Google GeoMaps (similar to the maps in Google Analytic) to show the different user activity directly on the site e.g. total number of downloads of a product by country, total subtitles translation, etc. My first research was to find some API […]

Apple’s new Internet Recovery feature is really cool to hear and use, and I haven’t thought of using it soon. However, we recently purchased new iMacs for the office, and after the Windows 7 installation one one of the iMac, when trying to resize the bootcamp partition, something went wrong, and not only we lost […]

I had been using Google Friend Connect for more than 2 years on my site various product pages for getting the feedback. It has worked great for me, but then all of sudden, Google decided to drop this service in favor of new Google+. While I do created new product support pages on the Google+, […]

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