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Archive for August, 2012

If you use the ASP.Net Web Application project, then there are chances that you have to face a problem, where the designer.cs for the wep page stop auto upadating as you add the new controls to the page. When this happens, it’s really frustrating as you don’t get the error on why it’s not being […]

I have been getting warnings for my two of the Basecampe Extensions for the manifest version 1, and need to upgrade those to version 2. However, when working on this upgrade, I found that upgrade was not as simple, as I thought at first. The biggest problem for me was the new Content Security Policy […]

If you are trying to track the mouse-out event, for example to hide the sub menu when user leave that area, then there are good chances there are good chances that you may stuck into a problem, where the parent element mouse-out event fires, when you move the cursor to the child. Here is a […]

I have been using the Google Website Translator widget on my website for few years, and I’m quite happy with that. The machine translation is not very accurate, but it does provide some help in case someone doesn’t know the target language at all. Plus, I had also been using the Google Translate API for […]

As I posted in my old blog, CSS Loading Animation for AJAX Requests, I have been playing with the CSS3 Animation and Transform properties for few days now, and finally I came up with something interesting to share. And that’s a Rubik’s Cube spinner animation with changing color of the boxes with NO JavaScript at […]