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Archive for September, 2012

If you are Google Chrome Extension developer, then you may have used the “chrome-extension://” protocol to refer to the locally stored files under the extension (could be images, JS, html, etc). However, I have been trying to use the “.swf” files in the page, and it had kept failing. For some reason, you can’t use […]

Google Chrome is targeting toward more secure web, and one of the major step in this is by also enforcing Content Security Policy at the Chrome Extensions level. This is enabled in all the manifest version 2 Extension, and the manifest version 1 is slowly being phased out (you get warning about it being deprecated […]

I have published a new version of the Dynamic Language Tools today. This new version has following two main features: Text to Speech Support The new text to speech feature, lets you highlight any text on the web-page, and then convert it to the audio on the fly. This feature uses the Microsoft Bing API […]

The new shinning IE-9 from the Microsoft finally support the HTML Audio and Video tags. However there are some catches to look for. For the few months now, we have been using the VideoJS in my client web-pages, and it worked great on FireFox, Chrome, Opera, IE-8 and lower end browsers. However we got support […]

As I mentioned in my other post CodeIgniter and File Upload Library, uploading a file using CodeIgniter requires you to also know the mime type of file being uploaded and add it to proper location. I’m using CodeIngiter framework for Dynamic Subtitle Translator application, and it had worked great for me. However, few of my […]