Dynamic Language Tools – Text to Speech Support

By Akbar

I have published a new version of the Dynamic Language Tools today. This new version has following two main features:

Text to Speech Support
The new text to speech feature, lets you highlight any text on the web-page, and then convert it to the audio on the fly. This feature uses the Microsoft Bing API to convert the text to speech. Plus using the Playground area, you can also play audio file of any text you want directly on the web-page.

The use of this feature is as simple, as others. First make sure that “Show Speak Floating Button” is enabled in the Speech I/O page of the Dynamic Language tools preferences as shown below:

Dynamic Language Tools - Preferences Page

If it’s not checked, just check/select this. Now hold down the control key, and select the required text on the web-page. This should display the following floating panel, and clicking on the speak icon should display the audio player window, which lets you hear the audio of the selected text:

Dynamic Language Tools - Speech Floating Button

Chrome Contextual Menus
The other new exciting feature is contextual menu for the Chrome extension. This new version adds few new Contextual Menus (depends on the Preferences) which helps you do instant translation, transliteration and dictionary look-up of the selected text on the web-pages as shown below:

Dynamic Language Tools - Contextual Menus

I hope you find these features handy. Any comments, complains or suggestions are welcome.

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