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Archive for 2013

OS-X on HP Eny TouchSmart

I recently got the HP-Envy TouchSmart 15t-J001 notebook for my work. The first few days were spent on on installations and learning Windows 8. I must admit that Windows 8 experience was not different from my previous Windows use i.e. all the new features and layout confused me a lot, and I found this more annoying than useful. However, the more I use it, the better I’m feeling about it UI changes, and starting to love this new user interface and functions (obviously this was not a love on first sight thing).

A few days ago, when I was working on my MacBook Pro (late 2012 model), all of the sudden Windows 7 crashed, and the display got jumbled. It appeared that something went wrong with the video adapter. So, after waiting for 4-5 minutes (and no response), I forced shutdown the machine by pressing the shutdown button for 8-10 seconds.

After few seconds, I pressed the Power button again. The usual boot gray screen appeared, with boot chime sound, and then screen turned to black. It appeared that processor was working (from the fan speed noise), but there was no display. Note that my MacBook Pro, by default boots to Windows 7. I tried this 2-3 times with same results. In panic, I finally tried to launch the OS-X, it stared the boot process, but then got stuck again near the end, and kept showing the gray screen…

I have been using IIS 6 (and some older versions) for a long time for many of the clients website. One of the biggest feature I miss is the URL Rewrite component. Apache support this module for so long, and it’s must have for friend URLs. Fortunately, due to powerful ISAPI support, there are already […]

I have been using the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 – v4.7 for few days now, and I must say that it’s working great so far. I covered all the installation steps and tricks in the previous article: Installing Jelly Beans on Nexus One However, with time, I learned something more about this ROM, and applied few […]

For one of our ASP.Net websites, we have been using the Cookies mode to “AutoDetect” (by adding cookieless=”AutoDetect” in sessionState tag in web.config). This has worked well for years in serving the website correctly to users with all types of securities (even who don’t allow the web cookies). When the cookies are disabled by the […]