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Archive for February, 2013

For one of our ASP.Net websites, we have been using the Cookies mode to “AutoDetect” (by adding cookieless=”AutoDetect” in sessionState tag in web.config). This has worked well for years in serving the website correctly to users with all types of securities (even who don’t allow the web cookies). When the cookies are disabled by the […]

I have been using Link2SD for few days now (on my Rooted NexusOne) and I simply loves this application. It solves all the issues of low internal memory for the custom applications. However from time to time, the SD-Ext partition used by Link2SD gets corrupt. Now I’m not very sure whom to blame for this […]

I have been using the CyanogenMod Recovery partition to install custom ROMs, but with my stock Android 2.3.6 ROM, I was having an issue where the Recovery partition is getting restored with stock one with very next boot. This issue is also mentioned in notes for CM Recovery installation (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_passion): Note: Some ROMs overwrite recovery […]

In my previous article, Installing Jelly Bean on Nexus One, I discussed how I was able to install Jelly Bean on my NexusOne using couple of tools and helper applications. However, after a couple of days of exploring it, I decided to try to downgrade it back to Gingerbread (mainly because of the Camera issues). […]