IPTV and Virtual Ethernet Adapters

By Akbar

I have IPTV connection at my home, and use it to watch TV (though not frequently). I have also an IPTV PC Application installed, and rarely use it to test the TV connection. I have Windows 8.1 and in the past it worked flawlessly on the both PC and my SmartTV.

However, last week when I tried to run the PC application, no channel was playing; even though it was streaming correctly on SmartTV, and other PC and OS-X machines at home fine. As it worked in past for the same PC and Windows installation, I knew it has to something with some recent software configuration changes.

I tried following options with no results:

  1. Firewall turn ON/OFF.
  2. Tried playing the channels directly in the VLC Player (using UDP URL).
  3. Un-installing few recent Windows updates.
  4. Running PC Application in Virtual OS (Windows XP).

It’s then when searching on the web, one of the person recommended to disable the Virtual Host Adapters. As I have Oracle Virtual VM Box Installed, so there was one “VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter” in my Network Connections:


I disabled that, run the IPTV Application, and it worked! Issue solved, and lesson learned.

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