Devo 7e – An Excellent Starter R/C Transmitter

By Akbar

I have been looking for a nice and cost-effective RC transmitter for some time. My main goal was to find one which I can ultimately use to fly custom built planes, but it should be nice enough if I can also fly some of the nano or mini RTF (Ready to Fly) helicopters and quads as well using that transmitter.

I have been keeping an eye on the FlySky FS-T6 for some time, and had almost made my mind to buy it because of following reasons:

  1. It looks like a quality product under $60, and receivers are under $15 each.
  2. Has 6-channel support which is more than enough for all my current and near future needs.
  3. Can fly WL Toys v911 (which I already have) without any external adapter.
  4. With $15 cable, it can also works as simulator.

All this was very tempting and convincing until while browsing some RC forums, I heard about Walkera Devo 7e and Deviation. This transmitter combination is just just “awesome”. It has all the above FlySky FS-T6 features (yes, it’s under 60 bucks too), plus once you install the Deviation on this transmitter, it becomes nearly unbeatable in its unique feature set. The count of the protocols it can support natively and with some transmitter modifications are amazing. Here are few important protocols it can support using Deviation with some transmitter mods (full list available here):

  1. Walkera’s Devo protocol
  2. Nine Eagles J6 protocol
  3. Spektrum DSM2 protocol
  4. Spektrum DSMX protocol
  5. Hubsan protocol
  6. FlySky protocol
  7. HiSky protocol
  8. WLToys v2xx protocol
  9. FrSky protocol
  10. KN protocol

But what interest me most is that Deviation is open source, and has very active community. So, new protocols are supported sooner than you can sanely imagine. I have already started exploring the source code, and may be soon I will come up with some of the customization and tweaks of my own.

Now coming back to the Devo 7e, I got this transmitter few months ago, and have been doing the various mods to make it even better. Here are the mods I have done so far:

  1. 3×2 Switches Mod
  2. Aluminium Sticks
  3. NRF24L01 Transciever Installation
  4. A7105 Transciever Installation
  5. JST Plug based Module Installation

The links above points the sources from where I ordered the required components. Here are the two threads I followed for all the above mods:

Daryoon’s Devo 7e
Fyathyrio Devo 7E mods

I still have plans to do other mods like Swivel Antenna, Range and LED mods. When I do these, I will let you know how it goes. With so far changes done, I use this transmitter for practice in RC Simulator, fly my WL-Toys v911 and Syma X5C. I have also ordered WL Toys v977 BNF, and it’s is also supported by this amazing transmitter.

Here are some of the snapshots of my transmitters mods (I know not that neat, but once it’s close, it looks cool and works perfect):

My Devo 7e with All Mods


Two SPDT Three Position Switches Installed


AD7105 and NRF24L01 Modules Installed