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When working on a .Net project (in Frame 2.0), I was having a hard time connecting with the local secure server using the self signed SSL certificate. When connecting to that server using the HttpWebRequest object, it was throwing the following error: “The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure” Looking for the […]

If you often work on the JavaScript for the DHTML tasks, then there are good changes that you had wanted to modifying some of the existing built-in or third JavaScript functions. If you want to enhance the built-in JavaScript functions, then probably the best technique is closure. If you don’t already know about it, here […]

One of our client reported a problem that on some of their site secure pages FireFox displays the “connection partially encrprypted warning” (by showing a small “i” on secure lock icon). When I first started looking at that problem, I thought it would be something as simple as some page being hosted on the HTTP […]

Today I was modifying an ASP.net user control (a rating control) which register a script at startup to initialize itself. As I was expecting, when I placed that control in the ASP.Net UpdatePanel (for AJAX) the initialization script didn’t run after the AJAX callback and thus the control didn’t worked. While looking at the code, I […]

A few days ago I was looking at a weird report render issue, where one of the sub-report was being correctly rendered when called from the MS Report Server web management interface, but was giving the generic error “Subreport can not be shown” when called from the ASP.net page using ReportViewer control. On debugging the […]