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Archive for the ‘HTML & CSS’ Category

Webpage Spell Check Chrome Extension

Are you a web developer, and have ever sent a page to client with spelling error or typo? If yes, or you are just a cautious one who is afraid to let this happen one day, then Webpage Spell-Check Google Chrome Extension is just what you need.

This compact and lightweight extension lets you check the spelling directly on the web-page in Google Chrome. This way you can easily identify and fix the errors which gets missed in your favourite HTML editor even when it has spell-check support. As this uses the Google Chrome spell checker, so it also shows the you corrections for the typo and spelling mistakes and let you edit the typos directly in the web-page…

The new shinning IE-9 from the Microsoft finally support the HTML Audio and Video tags. However there are some catches to look for. For the few months now, we have been using the VideoJS in my client web-pages, and it worked great on FireFox, Chrome, Opera, IE-8 and lower end browsers. However we got support […]

Responsive Web Design is the hot topic in the latest state of the art web site and web applications. There are various techniques and technologies used to achived that. But one of the simplest and hottest is using the CSS @media queries. Making a great looking web-page which works well on all the devices from […]

If you are trying to track the mouse-out event, for example to hide the sub menu when user leave that area, then there are good chances there are good chances that you may stuck into a problem, where the parent element mouse-out event fires, when you move the cursor to the child. Here is a […]

As I posted in my old blog, CSS Loading Animation for AJAX Requests, I have been playing with the CSS3 Animation and Transform properties for few days now, and finally I came up with something interesting to share. And that’s a Rubik’s Cube spinner animation with changing color of the boxes with NO JavaScript at […]