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Albeit the browser support issues and reason that they are more resource hungry than GIF animations, the CSS animation for the web are getting popular. I’m already using one on my homepage while its loading recent blog posts. If you just google “CSS loading animation”, you should find hundred of results, out of which top […]

CSS @font-face is now supported by most of the major browsers, and is definitely one of the exciting new features of the CSS3. As the name suggest, it helps you use the custom fonts on your website (not necessarily installed on the user machine viewing your website). These fonts are then dynamically loaded to the […]

Today, when exploring the professional blogs, I came up with a link for LESS. I first thought that it’s one of those JavaScript framework libraries copy cat, and was just about to skip that. When out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and then I couldn’t stop myself until I read all the features of […]

Recently, I migrated my website from the free domain syedgakbar.co.cc to my new domain www.syedgakbar.com. Once the migration process was done, I looked into options to redirect all the new traffic point to old site to my new site without breaking the links: As I was hoping, it was just a one line change in […]

If you are HTML Designer or JavaScript programmer, then you may already know the rule that it almost 50% of the development time to make what works in browser,  and another 50% of the time is spent to run it smoothly in all the other popular browsers (some time it takes even more). Recently, I […]