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Archive for the ‘HTML’ Category

On the web programming, it’s common to use the “#” as the HREF value and apply the event handler on the “click” event. But if you don’t return false in the “on click” event handler, the “#” will be appended to the URL when user click on that link and it may ugly and even […]

I found another very interesting reference site on the DOM and JavaScript and it’s Dottoro: http://help.dottoro.com/ljxsqnoi.php For example, just check how much detail is available on just the Range object. The best thing is all the compatibility options of all the major browsers are also discussed. The main idea for this post is to bookmark […]

As I discussed in my previous thread, more and more people and moving toward the Tableless design to design the HTML files. Check the following post for detail: http://blog.syedgakbar.com/2008/03/01/a-step-toward-tableless-design/ Of course, the migration is not as simple as it looks. Designing the page layout with just the DIVs (basically not using tables) is not that […]

I have been working on the website development for few years now and nearly 98% of the time I was using the Tables for the web page layout. I had known that this task can be better done using the CSS, but, to be honest, I didn’t had courage to drop the old fashioned technique of […]