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Archive for the ‘IIS’ Category

I have been using IIS 6 (and some older versions) for a long time for many of the clients website. One of the biggest feature I miss is the URL Rewrite component. Apache support this module for so long, and it’s must have for friend URLs. Fortunately, due to powerful ISAPI support, there are already […]

When working a new site content changes, we decided to add a new media files (of MP4) type. For playing this video file directly from the website, we decided to use the VideoJS Player. Everything worked fine on the development machine (using IIS 6.0). However, when we deployed this to the Dev server machine using […]

Recently, I migrated my website from the free domain syedgakbar.co.cc to my new domain www.syedgakbar.com. Once the migration process was done, I looked into options to redirect all the new traffic point to old site to my new site without breaking the links: As I was hoping, it was just a one line change in […]

With growing security concersn for the site, it’s now recommended to don’t use the Weak or No Ciphers at all. Unfortunately, these weak ciphers are enabled by default in most of the IIS versions. If you don’t want to supports the use of SSL ciphers that offer either weak encryption or no encryption at all, […]