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Archive for the ‘JavaScript’ Category

If you are Google Chrome Extension developer, then you may have used the “chrome-extension://” protocol to refer to the locally stored files under the extension (could be images, JS, html, etc). However, I have been trying to use the “.swf” files in the page, and it had kept failing. For some reason, you can’t use […]

Google Chrome is targeting toward more secure web, and one of the major step in this is by also enforcing Content Security Policy at the Chrome Extensions level. This is enabled in all the manifest version 2 Extension, and the manifest version 1 is slowly being phased out (you get warning about it being deprecated […]

I have been getting warnings for my two of the Basecampe Extensions for the manifest version 1, and need to upgrade those to version 2. However, when working on this upgrade, I found that upgrade was not as simple, as I thought at first. The biggest problem for me was the new Content Security Policy […]

If you are trying to track the mouse-out event, for example to hide the sub menu when user leave that area, then there are good chances there are good chances that you may stuck into a problem, where the parent element mouse-out event fires, when you move the cursor to the child. Here is a […]

I was working on a new slider animation for my home page, for Jack Sparrow’s Compass product, and I was stuck on one basic problem; that’s I wanted to give the info popup DIV slide-in effect similar to that of Google App Store i.e. slide in from bottom to top. Instead of trying different options […]