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Today when working on a JavaScript function to get all the DOM nodes which are under selection, I was going through the compatibility tables at quirksmode.org and scratching my head and wondering why the W3C guys have made this basic job all that difficult. I must admit that playing with range is complex (specially how […]

I was working today on a UI fix to disable the text selection in the Dynamic Language Tools preference window during the drag & drop operation. After looking at the few samples on the web, I found that similar to many other compatibility issues, this is supported differently in IE and FireFox. Here is one […]

If you often work on the JavaScript for the DHTML tasks, then there are good changes that you had wanted to modifying some of the existing built-in or third JavaScript functions. If you want to enhance the built-in JavaScript functions, then probably the best technique is closure. If you don’t already know about it, here […]

TinyMCE Editor allows you to have multiple layout configurations (different type of buttons and toolbars) per theme. These custom layout configurations are automatically applied to the text boxes by the depending on the ‘editor_selector’ class of each text boxes.  All works beautifully until you try to add a text control with the correct CSS class dynamically using JavaScript […]

Today when working on a project, which uses the TinyMCE editor to HTML editing, I needed to add support for Flash embedding. When I tried to add the OBJECT or EMBED tags in the HTML source window, these were auto removed by the TinyMCE. Hmm… ‘there must be a simple of doing it’, I thought. […]