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Archive for the ‘PHP’ Category

Swift MVC Framework

Swift, PHP MVC Framework, is the one I created for the development of my website. If you are thinking why another framework, then I will not blame you for asking this question. I myself asked this question several time before starting work on this one, and the reason I ended up developing this was because I wanted a very lightweight and fully controllable yet scalable framework for small web applications development.

Actually, all this began with my idea to create my famous Dynamic Subtitles Translator. Since, my website was hosted on a provider which supported PHP, so I started looking for some simple PHP frameworks. After doing some research, I decided to go with CodeIgniter, and overall I was happy with my choice. It was small, very well documented, and I was able to make the online subtitles translator on 2-3 weekends. All was going well until I run into few complains by user that some SRT files were being rejected by the server. So, I started going through the CodeIgniter libraries to debug the issue. It was then I realize that even this small looking framework is very complex, and even though I was able to fix the problem after few hours of debugging and research, at that time I thought that I would write a dead simple framework for my website…

When working on a Joomla website, which is using the Urdu language package, I was trying to show the current date in Urdu on the top of the website header too. However, looks like finding the correct format string to convert the date to Urdu (or current language) was bit more tricky than I thought.I […]

As I mentioned in my other post CodeIgniter and File Upload Library, uploading a file using CodeIgniter requires you to also know the mime type of file being uploaded and add it to proper location. I’m using CodeIngiter framework for Dynamic Subtitle Translator application, and it had worked great for me. However, few of my […]

Recently, I have been working on a simple idea, and that’s to show the Google GeoMaps (similar to the maps in Google Analytic) to show the different user activity directly on the site e.g. total number of downloads of a product by country, total subtitles translation, etc. My first research was to find some API […]

I have been using the Microsoft Translator API for some time, and it worked great. This API requires the “Access Token” to validate all the AJAX calls, and it has been working fine for months. Now a few days back, it broke, and when debugging the issue, I found that it was failing with the […]