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Feedback & Comments

58 Responses

  1. Tom

    Hi Akbar…amazing stuff!Impressive!
    I’ve come across the partial translation problem too…almost always it’s because I clicked ‘save’ before the translation had finished. Only recently had I noticed the progress indicator at the top of the page…perhaps the others had missed it too.

    Best wishes, thank you very much.

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  2. Hi Akbar,

    Really you deserve to have Bright future. I was checking for spanish to english covertion. Your blog is really very useful. Honestly appreciate your work.


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  3. Hello Akbar, I just wish to thank you for your subtitle translator, which I use quite often. Actually it is so useful that I have a concern: what will happen when you will be fed up with this website, and the product will no longer be available? I would even pay, in order to have it available whenever I need it, and not be dependent on the availability of your website. Are you planning to release it in commercial form? Thanks.

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    • Akbar


      Thank you for the nice comments and feedback. I think this service is going to be online at least for 3 more years, as I have paid hosting for that long, and I don’t have to do anything on my end to keep this service up and running. In any case, if I have to shut this down for any reason, I will make this public for sure. So, don’t worry 🙂

      Regards, Akbar

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  4. mikael fröberg

    im a fan and translate from english to swedish..but no its swedish the first 10 min. then english the rest ???

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  5. yud stav

    Dear Akbar,
    Thanks a lot for your excellent translation tool. I use it very often, specially for showing old films to my students. Recently there is a problem: although the translation is complete (from Spanish to English, for example), when I save it, only the first 20-30 English phrases are being saved. The rest of the subtitles stays in Spanish. Is there any way to solve the problem?
    Thanks in advance,

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    • Akbar


      Is by any chance the file you are translating is very long? I know Google has a limit on how much can be translated on a web-page in single session. Also, is this a problem with all the sub-titles or few one?

      Regards, Akbar

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  6. Jav

    Hi. Thanks for the web and I would like to know if this site is already implementing the new system (google’s neural machine translation)

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  7. Dear Akbar,

    Subtitles Translator works great
    it is also possible Subtitles Translotor make an App for an iMac ?
    Jan Pruim

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    • Akbar

      Dear Jan,

      Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the App for iMac, it’s not something I have planned in near future. But you never know for sure.

      Regards, Akbar

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  8. Angel

    Subject: Usb disk manager.

    Dear Admin,
    when i turn on the write protection, is the usb protected also from o.s. writing procedures?


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