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Feedback & Comments

67 Responses

  1. Hello, I use your subtitle translation tool almost every day.
    Congratulations and thanks a lot man !

    Kind regards from Switzerland,

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  2. sara gamal

    hi something wrong in translation from English to Arabic
    the words like letters only not mean any thing
    please help me I need it for my study

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    • admin

      Can you please explain the problem in detail i.e. do you mean that English to Arabic translation is not accurate or doesn’t make good sense? If yes, then I don’t think I can do anything about this because it’s a Machine translation and may not be very accurate (at least not in the very near future).

      If the problem is that translation is correct, but you can’t view the characters/words correctly in Video player, then I would recommend try using the VLC player with these translated subtitle files.

      Regards, Akbar

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  3. MrlN

    Hi, thank you for this subtitle translator opportunity. Would it be possible to have some form of possibility to save and continue. Maybe online save possibility with links to share then it would be possible for several people work on the same subtitle.

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    • admin


      Thanks you for the feedback, and nice idea. I will explore and think about this. But may not be able to work on this soon.

      Regards, Akbar

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  4. wahid

    hello, i want to mix urdu srt file into mp4. i am successfull but but urdu format is damage in video and cannot readable………….

    please tell me if u have solution.

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  5. Adi Mozes

    I want to put English subtitles for a short film that I made in India Tamil-Nadu.
    Do you got this service ?
    How much it will cost for 5min film?

    Thanks a head

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  6. Yui Ctepchenko

    Substitle translate saves my life!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))) thank you!

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  7. Shaon Dey

    hello akbar
    its been a pleasure to know about u and ur projects as well

    could please tell me what are the programming language that u used to develop
    USB Disk Manager and
    Rapid Downloader?

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    • admin


      Thanks for the nice comments. USB Disk Manager is written Visual C++ (Win32 APIs), and Rapid Downloader is written in C# (.Net 3.5).

      Regards, Akbar

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  8. Lynda

    Hi admin,
    Thank you for your really helpful application. It’s really great and it helps me so much for my personal works.
    But, it will be much more wonderful if we can translate many file at the same time, because usually we have a thousand of file needs to work with.
    Do you have the plan to develop something like that? If yes, I think all of us are waiting for your kindness…
    Again, thank you so much for all your sharing.
    Best regards,

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    • admin


      Thank you for the nice comments and feedback. Regarding your query to support multiple file transaction in parallel, unfortunately, it’s not possible due to various technical reasons, and for now, you have to do this one by one. I will see if this can be updated in future to support this, but can’t confirm a deadline for this.

      Regards, Akbar

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  9. salman

    sir subtitle file is not uploading

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    • admin

      Dear Salman,

      Does this give any error when uploading files? If yes, can you please share that. Also, can you please make sure subtitle file is correct, and is in SRT format?

      Regards, Akbar

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  10. David

    I can’t use the subtitle transator. It keeps giving me 404 errors for the javascript files it needs in the console. I’ve tried multiple browsers. It traslates but it won’t let me edit them afterwards. Thnaks.

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    • admin


      For some reason, I can’t duplicate this issue. Just tried editing, and it worked fine. Can you please share the name of the file which is giving the 404 error?

      Regards, Akbar

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