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Devo 7e Transmitter

I have been looking for a nice and cost-effective RC transmitter for some time. My main goal was to find one which I can ultimately use to fly custom built planes, but it should be nice enough if I can also fly some of the nano or mini RTF (Ready to Fly) helicopters and quads as well using that transmitter.

I have been keeping an eye on the FlySky FS-T6 for some time, and had almost made my mind to buy it because of following reasons…

Webpage Spell Check Chrome Extension

Are you a web developer, and have ever sent a page to client with spelling error or typo? If yes, or you are just a cautious one who is afraid to let this happen one day, then Webpage Spell-Check Google Chrome Extension is just what you need.

This compact and lightweight extension lets you check the spelling directly on the web-page in Google Chrome. This way you can easily identify and fix the errors which gets missed in your favourite HTML editor even when it has spell-check support. As this uses the Google Chrome spell checker, so it also shows the you corrections for the typo and spelling mistakes and let you edit the typos directly in the web-page…

Communication Skills

I have been in development and project management field for more than a decade now, and if you ask me what is the most important skill after problem solving in this field, I would probably say without any reservation that it’s “Written Communication Skills”.

While verbal communication is very effective in most of the fields, in the outsourcing business, it’s mostly the written communication which matters most. In fact, in the role of Project Manager, effective written communication is even more important than programming and other software development roles. Mostly, there is always some valid excuse for most of the development related issues. If nothing works or apply, you can save yourself by just saying “Human Error!”. However, I don’t think this applies to the communication field. One bad email, and there are great chances that you will loose the project and/or client forever…

I have IPTV connection at my home, and use it to watch TV (though not frequently). I have also an IPTV PC Application installed, and rarely use it to test the TV connection. I have Windows 8.1 and in the past it worked flawlessly on the both PC and my SmartTV.

However, last week when I tried to run the PC application, no channel was playing; even though it was streaming correctly on SmartTV, and other PC and OS-X machines at home fine. As it worked in past for the same PC and Windows installation, I knew it has to something with some recent software configuration changes…

Clover on EFI Partition

Once I had the Mountain Lion up and running on my HP Envy 15t-J001 machine, the next step was to setup a boot loader, so that I can boot it without the USB every time.

I was using Clover, and it has pretty good support for the EFI Motherboards. However, my only concern was I didn’t wanted to loose the HP Recovery partition by accident or incorrect configuration. Plus I wanted to keep the current boot loader, but still somehow boot to OS-X without using USB…