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Today when working on a project, which uses the TinyMCE editor to HTML editing, I needed to add support for Flash embedding. When I tried to add the OBJECT or EMBED tags in the HTML source window, these were auto removed by the TinyMCE. Hmm… ‘there must be a simple of doing it’, I thought. […]

A few days ago I was looking at a weird report render issue, where one of the sub-report was being correctly rendered when called from the MS Report Server web management interface, but was giving the generic error “Subreport can not be shown” when called from the ASP.net page using ReportViewer control. On debugging the […]

In one of my utilities, I was using the IsWindowVisible  function to get the current window state. Though it seems to be working at start, I found that it randomly fails and when debugging the issue, the IsWindowVisible was not returning the correct state i.e. a non-zero value even if the window was not visible. This […]

Most of the developers follow some standards for the headers and change signatures in the software projects for change management and tracking and I’m no exception (and wouldn’t want to be in this case). I have used Macros in different tools to make this logging process standardized. But for some reason I never thought of using […]

One of our client uses the Amazon Ecommerce Web Service to lookup and dynamnically import Amazon items to thier website. I was having complains that some of the users were not able to find items on thier site using the ASIN, but those ASIN works on the Amazon website. When debugging the issue, I found […]