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Posts Tagged ‘Animation’

As I posted in my old blog, CSS Loading Animation for AJAX Requests, I have been playing with the CSS3 Animation and Transform properties for few days now, and finally I came up with something interesting to share. And that’s a Rubik’s Cube spinner animation with changing color of the boxes with NO JavaScript at […]

Albeit the browser support issues and reason that they are more resource hungry than GIF animations, the CSS animation for the web are getting popular. I’m already using one on my homepage while its loading recent blog posts. If you just google “CSS loading animation”, you should find hundred of results, out of which top […]

I was working on a new slider animation for my home page, for Jack Sparrow’s Compass product, and I was stuck on one basic problem; that’s I wanted to give the info popup DIV slide-in effect similar to that of Google App Store i.e. slide in from bottom to top. Instead of trying different options […]