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On the web programming, it’s common to use the “#” as the HREF value and apply the event handler on the “click” event. But if you don’t return false in the “on click” event handler, the “#” will be appended to the URL when user click on that link and it may ugly and even […]

Page break in HTML pages   When generating reports directly in the HTML, it’s often required to do a forced page break so that a new sections always prints on a new page. Fortunately, this is very simple with the help of CSS. For this you just need to add the “page-break-before:always” or “page-break-after:always” styles to […]

I have been working on the website development for few years now and nearly 98% of the time I was using the Tables for the web page layout. I had known that this task can be better done using the CSS, but, to be honest, I didn’t had courage to drop the old fashioned technique of […]