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Posts Tagged ‘OS X’

Clover on EFI Partition

Once I had the Mountain Lion up and running on my HP Envy 15t-J001 machine, the next step was to setup a boot loader, so that I can boot it without the USB every time.

I was using Clover, and it has pretty good support for the EFI Motherboards. However, my only concern was I didn’t wanted to loose the HP Recovery partition by accident or incorrect configuration. Plus I wanted to keep the current boot loader, but still somehow boot to OS-X without using USB…

OS-X on HP Eny TouchSmart

I recently got the HP-Envy TouchSmart 15t-J001 notebook for my work. The first few days were spent on on installations and learning Windows 8. I must admit that Windows 8 experience was not different from my previous Windows use i.e. all the new features and layout confused me a lot, and I found this more annoying than useful. However, the more I use it, the better I’m feeling about it UI changes, and starting to love this new user interface and functions (obviously this was not a love on first sight thing).

Apple’s new Internet Recovery feature is really cool to hear and use, and I haven’t thought of using it soon. However, we recently purchased new iMacs for the office, and after the Windows 7 installation one one of the iMac, when trying to resize the bootcamp partition, something went wrong, and not only we lost […]

As I explained in my previous post, I upgraded my work machine to OS-X 10.6 and thus have to force upgrade the XCode to 3.2. The problem didn’t end there. Though the compiled applications were working fine on my machine, they were giving errors on the OS-X 10.4 and earlier version. Doing the research, of […]