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Posts Tagged ‘WordPress’

As I mentioned in my other post, Comments outside the WordPress, I’m using WordPress for the Bloging on my website and so far quite happy with its feature and performance. However, rest of my site is based on Dreamweaver site templates, and is static HTML for most of the part. Today I decided to show […]

I have been using the Google AdSense on my blog for few days now. There are multiple options for showing the Ads in the WordPress. The simplest of them is through WordPress plug-ins. There are many free plug-ins available for WordPress, and some of them are quite powerful and easy to use. But I decided […]

I had been using Google Friend Connect for more than 2 years on my site various product pages for getting the feedback. It has worked great for me, but then all of sudden, Google decided to drop this service in favor of new Google+. While I do created new product support pages on the Google+, […]

After struggling with “Google Code Prettify” plug-in for over a year, I decided for a change and this time I went for the WP-Syntax plug-in: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-syntax/other_notes/ Like all other WordPress plug-ins, this was not only easy to install, but is based on open source syntax highlighter GeSHi. My first expression after using this is “Wow! it looks […]

When I migrated my website to the new hosting service, on the blog end, all was working fine except the Permalink Options page in the WordPress admin was not displaying any content. After trying multiple things and wasting time here and there, I found the solution as discussed in the following thread: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/356829 Basically, my […]