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Posts Tagged ‘XCode’

Here are few tips regarding the 4D v11 Plug-in development (particularly using the XCode): By default the Architecture mode for the Project Development Configuration is “Native Architecture of Build Machine”. This means if you are developing this plug-in on the Mac Intel machine, your plug-in will not work on the 4D if it’s running in […]

As I explained in my previous post, I upgraded my work machine to OS-X 10.6 and thus have to force upgrade the XCode to 3.2. The problem didn’t end there. Though the compiled applications were working fine on my machine, they were giving errors on the OS-X 10.4 and earlier version. Doing the research, of […]

I upgraded to Snow Leopard a couple of days ago, and when I tried today to compile one of my previous Carbon projects in the XCode 3.1, I got the weird “Carbon/Carbon.h” file not found error. That was weird, but I looked into the Library folder anyway, and the Carbon Framework was indeed not there. […]