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Archive for March, 2008

In one of my Win32 DLL projects, whenever I tried to add a resource file, I got the “Automation server can’t create object” object. Similar to other errors, this was not very informative. After searching for this error, I found this the common cause of this problem is that Windows Scripting host is corrupt. You […]

As the Office 2007 is growing and getting more popular, I get more and more files from the client and other colleagues in the new Office 2007 format. I still have Office 2003, yes that ancient one, and it was not able to read those files (not correct, read more). I had thought many time […]

I have been working on the website development for few years now and nearly 98% of the time I was using the Tables for the web page layout. I had known that this task can be better done using the CSS, but, to be honest, I didn’t had courage to drop the old fashioned technique of […]

Today I was modifying an ASP.net user control (a rating control) which register a script at startup to initialize itself. As I was expecting, when I placed that control in the ASP.Net UpdatePanel (for AJAX) the initialization script didn’t run after the AJAX callback and thus the control didn’t worked. While looking at the code, I […]