ASP.Net Error CVT1108: Cannot open C:WindowsTEMP for writing

By Akbar

When I restarted my Windows 7 machine today after a few days (I usual put this to hibernate mode), I got a weird error when starting the ASP.Net web application. The error was:

Compiler Error Message: CVT1108: cannot open C:WindowsTEMPRESA33F.tmp for writing

This was a bit weird, because it was working fine before the restart. I tried clearing all the files in the above TEMP folder, but the error still persistent.

After trying various solutions, I was finally able to solve this by simply re-applying the full permissions to “CREATOR OWNER” group in the Security page of folder properties dialog.

I still wonder how these properties got corrupt, and it’s still a mystery, but the good thing is that system is finally back to working state.

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