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I have known for a long time that Mozilla/FireFox has a custom CSS attribute to apply the round corners on the HTML element using the “-moz-border-radius” property. But as apparent from the name prefix, it works only on Mozill/FireFox browsers. I found today that Chorme also support the round corners, but unfortunately under a different […]

I was working today on a UI fix to disable the text selection in the Dynamic Language Tools preference window during the drag & drop operation. After looking at the few samples on the web, I found that similar to many other compatibility issues, this is supported differently in IE and FireFox. Here is one […]

Page break in HTML pages   When generating reports directly in the HTML, it’s often required to do a forced page break so that a new sections always prints on a new page. Fortunately, this is very simple with the help of CSS. For this you just need to add the “page-break-before:always” or “page-break-after:always” styles to […]