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When I restarted my Windows 7 machine today after a few days (I usual put this to hibernate mode), I got a weird error when starting the ASP.Net web application. The error was: Compiler Error Message: CVT1108: cannot open C:WindowsTEMPRESA33F.tmp for writing This was a bit weird, because it was working fine before the restart. […]

Yesterday was a good day for me. My USB Disk Manager product finally appeared in the CNet reviews, and was listed on the CNet home page for around 5 hours. It’s still on the first page of CNet How to page, and I hope that it will be there for few more days. This is […]

I have been working on the GRE examp preparation for few months now, and one of the hardest part of all this preparation was toiling through more than 3700 words list and remembering their description and ideally an example on how to best use each word too. Soon tired of looking through meaning of all […]

Most of the online software downliad site supports the PAD file for your application submisssion. The PAD (Portable Application Description ) is a machine-readable document format designed by the Association of Shareware Professionals Though it’s just an XML file and you can create this using an XML Editor or even a notepad, I find it […]

With growing security concersn for the site, it’s now recommended to don’t use the Weak or No Ciphers at all. Unfortunately, these weak ciphers are enabled by default in most of the IIS versions. If you don’t want to supports the use of SSL ciphers that offer either weak encryption or no encryption at all, […]