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When debugging some problem, usually the “Call Stack” window is really of help. It let’s quickly see how you reached in current location i.e. call chain. This is of help when using some Visual Debugger, but you know what, the actual error happens when the application goes Live. For live applications, a good practice is […]

This version introduce many of the new and exciting features to help you easily manage your running applications. Here is a quick list of the new features in the version 2.0 Let’s you reorder the Taskbar groups similar to simple application buttons. Custom grouping of the running applications in the Taskbar . Easily hide all […]

When developing a desktop application, it’s often required that only one instance of application should be executable at a time. This is usually implemented in different ways depending on Language/Tools you are using to build the application. Some common techniques used are either using the Mutex or getting a list of active processes and making […]

If you are writing any application which adds an icon to the Taskbar notification area, it’s recommend to handle the “WM_TASKBARCREATED” the message sent by explorer. This message is sent by explorer when it’s creating the taskbar. As after crash explorer doesn’t remember the original notification icons, you should handle this message and then re-register […]

I recently got new MacBook Pro notebook. This is my first Apple notebook. I am regular user of the Windows and need it for both work and home (game playing). I also like to have a Linux flavor on my disk to do the time to time research and testing. So as soon as I […]