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I have been using Link2SD for few days now (on my Rooted NexusOne) and I simply loves this application. It solves all the issues of low internal memory for the custom applications. However from time to time, the SD-Ext partition used by Link2SD gets corrupt. Now I’m not very sure whom to blame for this […]

I have been using the CyanogenMod Recovery partition to install custom ROMs, but with my stock Android 2.3.6 ROM, I was having an issue where the Recovery partition is getting restored with stock one with very next boot. This issue is also mentioned in notes for CM Recovery installation (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_passion): Note: Some ROMs overwrite recovery […]

In my previous article, Installing Jelly Bean on Nexus One, I discussed how I was able to install Jelly Bean on my NexusOne using couple of tools and helper applications. However, after a couple of days of exploring it, I decided to try to downgrade it back to Gingerbread (mainly because of the Camera issues). […]

I have my Nexus One for more than a year. Although its stock OS (Gingerbread) is quite outdated, I still overall love it. But I must admit that it’s quite outdated OS now. So, I decided to upgrade this to Android Jelly Bean with hope to learn a lot during this process. First of all, […]

I have been using a utility function in my TaskbarExt application for years to get the current Desktop ListView window handle (SysListView32 to be exact) to show/hide the icons depending on user preferences. This has worked well for years, but recently I enabled the Windows Desktop wallpaper rotation, and I noticed that this function randomly […]