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Posts Tagged ‘AJAX’

Albeit the browser support issues and reason that they are more resource hungry than GIF animations, the CSS animation for the web are getting popular. I’m already using one on my homepage while its loading recent blog posts. If you just google “CSS loading animation”, you should find hundred of results, out of which top […]

As I mentioned in my other post, Comments outside the WordPress, I’m using WordPress for the Bloging on my website and so far quite happy with its feature and performance. However, rest of my site is based on Dreamweaver site templates, and is static HTML for most of the part. Today I decided to show […]

Today I was modifying an ASP.net user control (a rating control) which register a script at startup to initialize itself. As I was expecting, when I placed that control in the ASP.Net UpdatePanel (for AJAX) the initialization script didn’t run after the AJAX callback and thus the control didn’t worked. While looking at the code, I […]

One of our client was randomly having the ASP.net “The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupt” error on the pages. The weird thing was that it seems to be random. After some testing, we finally found a pattern and ultimately were able find the root cause of the bug. Though […]