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Posts Tagged ‘Windows’

I have an old application which has worked fine for me for years on the 32-bit operating system. It worked well on Windows XP, and even I used this on the Windows-7 32-bit without any issues. However, to run that application you need to do first some registry entries manually. This was due to the […]

When I restarted my Windows 7 machine today after a few days (I usual put this to hibernate mode), I got a weird error when starting the ASP.Net web application. The error was: Compiler Error Message: CVT1108: cannot open C:WindowsTEMPRESA33F.tmp for writing This was a bit weird, because it was working fine before the restart. […]

In one of my utilities, I was using the IsWindowVisible  function to get the current window state. Though it seems to be working at start, I found that it randomly fails and when debugging the issue, the IsWindowVisible was not returning the correct state i.e. a non-zero value even if the window was not visible. This […]

Today I launched first verison of my new utility called TaskBar Ext. This utility let Windows 2000 and higher users rearrange the taskbar buttons by drag and drop.Check more details here: http://blog.syedgakbar.com/taskbar-ext-freeware-taskbar-button-rearrange-utility/ http://www.itaggit.com/Thing/63603-2/Taskbar-Ext Cheers!