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In one of the projects, I have to show a slide show of the image. I searched this on my old and reliable friend Google and as I was expecting (I am being Luck), the first link was of Lightbox 2. As I looked at the control, I was really impressed by it. The thing […]

I was developing a small utility in C++, and was using the classes to make my program easy to read and maintain (we all know OOP is better than structured approach most of the time). In one of my class member function, I needed to create a new Window and thus need to populate the […]

In just few years period, there has been a transition of websites from the standalone information soils to responsive and connected platforms which looks more like a desktop application to the user in working. Though this has increased the overall usability of the websites (at least for majority of sites), as a web programmer, one […]

One of my client was having problems with the small space on the C drive on a server machine which was hosting a ASP.net application. There were few errors in the server error about “No enough space”.Though I would say that in ideal situation it would be best to increase the space on the C: […]

Today I launched first verison of my new utility called TaskBar Ext. This utility let Windows 2000 and higher users rearrange the taskbar buttons by drag and drop.Check more details here: http://blog.syedgakbar.com/taskbar-ext-freeware-taskbar-button-rearrange-utility/ http://www.itaggit.com/Thing/63603-2/Taskbar-Ext Cheers!